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Why do I love web design so much?

I love building stuff, whatever the medium. As you perfect your craft, a process emerges. It is this process that unbridles the imagination, allowing ideas to take root and spring to life. Having spent many years as a journeyman web designer, I've mastered the crucial steps in order to move forward. I carry a big bag of tools and a breadth of experience.

Successful websites are the result of solid synergy. When UX design, content strategy, visual aesthetics and great architecture blend seamlessly, you create an invaluable destination, a place where art, commerce and functionality intersect. My team aspires to produce extraordinary outcomes for all clients.

Forge and Smith is the Vancouver-based digital agency I founded. We cater to businesses, government, entrepreneurs, agencies, fellow artisans and anyone in need of a strong online presence. We take pride in a job well done. We revel in your satisfaction.

Your website is important. We should talk.

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