Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine

The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) in Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to helping people overcome the obstacle of infertility. With three locations, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, a world-class laboratory and their own licensed pharmacy, PCRM is a leading authority in the fertility field. Having pioneered the only first-trimester screening program to be certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation in BC, PCRM is dedicated to the advancement of reproductive treatment. Their clinic boasts an impressive range of services that includes evaluations, IVF treatments, prenatal screenings and minimally invasive surgeries. Their track record of happy, healthy families speaks for itself.

Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine Challenge

What was the challenge?

When it comes to fertility concerns, people approach the subject with varying degrees of comfort.

There are physical, financial and emotional considerations involved with any type of fertility procedure. Interested parties in the Lower Mainland have choices when deciding where to go. Appealing to the largest amount of prospective clients is the goal of any business; however, respecting the sensitive nature and privacy issues inherent in a medical practice was also a concern. The real challenge became differentiating their clinic from that of their competitors while increasing conversion opportunities. The goals were easy enough to comprehend; building the site that would deliver the optimum results required a little more thought.

What was the approach?

The website had to convey a serene and spa-like quality

At PCRM’s request, the new design shied away from the conventional imagery associated with IVF treatment facilities (diagrams, charts, lab photos). Instead, we included photos of couples, children and pregnant mothers, infusing the site with a distinct, tranquil feel. We adopted PCRM’s inclusive, discrimination-free philosophy and featured a same-sex couple on the homepage. This is one of the ways we went about connecting the in-house experience to the online feel. The website had to convey a serene and spa-like quality. Colour selection and typography contributed greatly to the new aesthetics. Of course, any visual appeal is negated if you don’t have the user experience to support it. Ease of functionality meant providing a fully responsive new design, compatible across all devices and browsers. Inviting social engagement was another part of the grand plan. A blog with press releases, announcements and articles—with a motivated strategy driving it—would improve social engagement and help with the overall branded storytelling.

The new website is a stepping stone for people looking to enrich their lives and realize their dreams.

What was the result

PCRM’s advanced new homepage is warm and inviting, with effective calls to action positioned at the top and bottom of the page. Prospective patients are welcomed by a smart design that lays out the pertinent information in a clean, easily-read style. Anyone landing on the homepage will immediately gain an understanding of PCRM’s culture via the blog teaser and introductory patient-centric copy. A solid content strategy maintains the home page’s user-friendliness throughout. When prospective clients opt to click further, they are greeted by intuitive drop down menus. Crisp visual cues and a solid UX strategy allow information to be easily accessed. The path to pregnancy isn’t always easy; but thanks to a newly refined web presence, seeking fertility options with PCRM now is.

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    Social referral

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    Mobile visitors

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    Client one-on-one meetings

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    Organic traffic

We’re extremely happy with both the design of the website and their ongoing support.

Their implementation timeline for the website – I’ve never seen anyone do it so quick.

Cheryle Newland - Business Manager, PCRM

Next Steps

Is your business involved in the medical community? Do you wish to learn more about this website? Click below to view Forge and Smith’s Case Studies page where you will see the broad range of our work. I also invite you to experience the finished site firsthand. We love what we do and I think it shows.

Forge and Smith Case Study

Completed Site