Why do I love WordPress web design so much?

After giving up on the corporate grind and spending three years at a tight-knit agency, I branched out on my own. In 2010 I set out to focus exclusively on freelancing as an independent designer and WordPress developer. By 2012 I founded the Vancouver-based digital agency Forge and Smith. We cater to businesses, government, entrepreneurs, agencies, fellow artisans and anyone in need of a strong conversion platform. WordPress empowers you to to manage your content on your own terms. You’re the expert on what you do; and you know best whom you do it for. My job is to help shape that experience.

What Family Teaches Me

I’m a lucky husband and proud father of two amazing kids. Family is what ultimately fuels my passion for building and collaboration. I model my business on the tenet my dad passed down to me from my grandfather: a job is only worth doing if you’re going to do it right. It’s a timeless sentiment that informs everything we do at Forge and Smith. Some things never get old.

Enjoy your work

I’ve been active in the community for many years, providing Forge and Smith’s services to select non-profits, empowering them with improved web strategies. Never content to sit back, I jumped into organizing web conferences and wrangling speakers for Creative Mornings Vancouver. I now focus my attention on building the kind of agency that my team is proud to work for, and sharing my knowledge with others. I’m passionate about changing the way people view the web, and I wholeheartedly believe things can always be a little bit better.

Layouts don’t solve problems, systems do

I believe in building systems not layouts

This results in a more fine-tuned and flexible product to support your business. Successful websites are the result of solid synergy. When UX design, content strategy, visual aesthetics and great architecture blend seamlessly, you create an invaluable destination, a place where art, commerce and functionality intersect. My team aspires to produce extraordinary outcomes for all clients.

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