JJ Bean

Officially established by John Neate Jr. in 1996, this Vancouver-based company holds a proud lineage of coffee roasting. They aim to please with every pour. Ethically sourced, environmentally responsible and always high in quality, JJ Bean is all about creating fresh, flavourful coffee. There is a story behind each blend they sell. Reducing their global footprint and giving back to the countries that supply their beans remain top priorities for the business. JJ Bean’s philanthropic efforts define who they are; their great-tasting coffee distinguishes them from the competition. Offering a unique assortment of coffees, teas, snacks, and brewing equipment, they go out of their way to support their motto: “the best taste wins.”


JJ Bean Challenge

What was the challenge?

Coffee houses are a staple industry of the Lower Mainland. Thirsty patrons don’t have to look very far to get their caffeine fix in the Vancouver area.

So how does an already respected coffee brand boost their profile? By topping up their web presence, of course. We needed to deliver the JJ Bean message into the hands of Vancouver’s sophisticated coffee-drinking connoisseurs. Not only did we to need to convert new visitors, we also had to appease and maintain their loyal customer base. Nobody likes a stale cup of coffee. The new site had to be full- bodied without being too complex; sweet without being too sugary. We had to update the website in a way that would persuade users to stop by one of JJ Bean’s 15 locations in person. Enticing patron loyalty through a sleek online shopping experience was also part of the scope.

What was the approach?

Not unlike the aromatic appeal of a freshly brewed pot, we aimed to whet visitors’ appetites…

Storytelling is a big part of JJ Bean’s culture. We bolstered the visuals and presented their text in a more compelling way. Not unlike the aromatic appeal of a freshly brewed pot, we aimed to whet visitors’ appetites with lateral navigation, intuitive scrolling and inviting links. Drop down menus and a selection of moving header images served to draw visitors in. Implementing a strong content strategy ensured the site was plentiful without feeling overwhelming. Prominent placement of social sharing icons, an email subscription field, and a checkout form would maximize customer participation. A robust blogging section was designed for maximum impact with featured categories and plenty of images. Integrity, competency and openness play a big part in JJ Bean’ culture. The ultimate goal was to reaffirm customer confidence with every page.

JJ Bean brews a fine cup of coffee, and now they have a website to go along with it.

What was the result

Just as JJ Bean prides itself on perfecting their coffees, the Forge and Smith team savours improving the user experience. The new website offers a high level of functionality with seamless eCommerce integration for handling online sales. We customized the plug-in, ensuring customers ordering a gift card online wouldn’t be charged the standard shipping rate (associated with bulkier items). The website reinforces their brand with improved functionality. Not only do we wish to boost a company’s business, we aim to improve it. As an added value, we discovered a need to centralize their shipping procedures for store managers. Our development team was able to put together an internal website to improve the ordering of stock. When it comes website creation, we aim for a smooth and satisfying experience every time.

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    Cups of coffee

We needed a site that could streamline all our information to the user, making it visibly appealing but easy to use – while still maintaining our brand recognition. At the same time the site also had to be easy to update. We also required an online store and a private ordering system for our cafes to order stock daily. Shawn not only satisfied every single one of these needs, the Forge and Smith team completely exceeded them and delivered more than we thought possible.

Shannon Wood - Marketing Manager, JJ Bean

Next Steps

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Forge and Smith Case Study

Completed Site